Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo and Manny Pacquiao

Head to Head statistics: (Tale of the Tape)

Iglesia Ni Cristo has a LIGHWEIGHT impact to Filipino People
Manny Pacquiao has a HEAVYWEIGHT impact to Filipino People

Iglesia Ni Cristo is HATED by Filipino People
Manny Pacquiao is LOVED by Filipino People

Iglesia Ni Cristo is COWARD to face its religious opponents

Manny Pacquiao is BRAVE to face his boxing opponents

Iglesia Ni Cristo HATES Catholic Church
Manny Pacquiao LOVES being a catholic


Manny Pacquiao lost his first political match last 2007 election. What does Iglesia Ni Cristo has to do with Pacquiao's lost to Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the legislative election for 1st District of South Cotabato on the 2007 legislative election? There are 2 possible answers to this intriguing question.

Please choose best answer:
a.) Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Manny Pacquiao, but still lost
b.) Iglesia Ni Cristo did not supported Manny Pacquiao's candidacy

Iglesia Ni Cristo support to Manny Pacquiao is destined to loose

I think no Filipino people in their right mind were happy when Iglesia Ni Cristo threw its support to Gloria Arroyo last 2004 election. GMA has the lowest approval rating for a Philippine president. Pacman is usually connected and politically linked to GMA. So any support made by GMA and by the Iglesia Ni Cristo is a "kiss of death". Pacman's constituents in the 1st District of South Cotabato might have not liked the Pacman's political relationship to GMA, and they know that Iglesia Ni Cristo supported GMA in the cheating-related 2004 presidential election. Iglesia Ni Cristo's bloc voting has an awful historical effect in the Philippine political landscape. INC supported Marcos, not Cory Aquino. INC supported Danding Cojuangco, not Fidel Ramos. INC supported GMA, not FPJ. So, any politicians linked and supported by the political church of Iglesia Ni Cristo are not well received by the common Filipino people.

If (INC member) Arlyn Dela Cruz' report that the INC's claim have 8million votes based on the 2007 election is true, and if you're going to distribute it all over the archipelago, Manny Pacquiao should have won. With INC boastful claim of overestimated voters, Manny Pacquiao should have won. BUT Manny Pacquiao was knocked down by a woman in a political arena. If Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Manny Pacquiao's candidacy last 2007 legislative election, Manny Pacquiao should have won. BUT he lost. Proving that the INC vote is not actually that big and not a guarantee for any politician to win. The Iglesia Ni Cristo support to Manny Pacquiao gave an embarrassing political defeat to Manny Pacquiao. Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by a woman in 2007 election, thanks to the "kiss of death" support of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Iglesia Ni Cristo does not like Manny Pacquiao

Iglesia Ni Cristo is known for relying in survey results before they give "basbas" or election endorsement to any candidate, this does not exempt Manny Pacquiao. Iglesia Ni Cristo would rather secure their political victory than throw its support to Pacman in the 2007 legislative election in the 1st District of South Cotabato. Wanting to revive its political power from the embarrassment INC gained for the past elections, INC might have supported Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio instead of Pacman because probably, INC is aware that Filipinos don’t want Manny Pacquiao to run as a congressman so INC decided to support Pacman's rival. INC does not want to be associated with a political loser. Just like INC did between GMA and FPJ. Although Filipino people love FPJ, Iglesia Ni Cristo supported GMA. That is how Iglesia Ni Cristo uses their religious doctrine of bloc voting for the advances of their own interest. It is wicked and it is cruel. Politics and Religion should not be mixed up. Sadly, Iglesia Ni Cristo laid their foundation out of it.

As far as we are concerned,
Manny Pacquiao should already retire.
He has nothing more to prove.
No need to fight Mayweather.

As for the Iglesia Ni Cristo,
We can expect that the INC cult has no plans of retiring.
They will continue to clean their stinking name
and satisfy their insatiable hunger for money and (political) power.

Let's get ready to rumble.



  1. Huh...and Pacquiao won, dude. That means you are the one that's lightweight and no one gives a damn on your poor soul. You should rephrase your intro...

    "INC is witty."
    "You are nuts."

    "Manny Pacquiao won."
    "You are shamed."

    :) What's with the INC fetish? Some INC chick kicked your balls? Or some INC officers kicked you out of their land where you squatted? Or you got refused by a good-looking INC male? :) Learn to be polite.

    BTW, the captcha says ELYrot...I'm happy :)

  2. @John - Clearly you have failed to see that the blogger is talking about the 2007 election and not the 2010 election. The block-voting of Iglesia Ni Cristo is just a political tactic of the Manalo family to lure politicians and gain favorable political power. The INC member is pathetic in maligning and saying lies about other people. Please brush your teeth and clean your dirty mouth, cult followers.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Alagad partylist votes in 2010

  3. Your comments are hateful, libelous and absolutely jealous of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Looser !!!

  4. The truth is the Iglesia Ni Cristo is now taking over the Philippines and the whole world.

    Millions of people are now joining the Iglesia Ni Cristo no matter what these loosers are saying.

    The INC have well over 24 million active members worldwide - AND STILL GROWING HURAYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. According to the Latest on Manny Pacquiao he is now busy being born again where he spend his time in bible studies and bible sharing.