Monday, March 22, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Property in El Cajon California

Owning your own property (e.g. house and lot) in the United States is the American dream. It's because it is worth a fortune to own one. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are mostly poor Filipinos. In the province where I live, some of them are just tricycle drivers, office clerks but some of them are rich folks. Iglesia Ni Cristo chapels are well-known all over the Philippines for its modern-design and being painted with white, red and green color once in a while (so it appears it is always new and properly maintained).

San Diego Business Journal

What surprised me last February 2010 is that a report from San Diego Business Journal said that the Philippine-based Iglesia Ni Cristo cult was able to buy a property in El Cajon (around California USA) worth $1,755,000 (over 79,000,000 Philippine pesos). In a time where people are still suffering the effect of global recession and Filipinos are loosing their job, Iglesia Ni Cristo was able to buy a US church facility with the high cost of $1,755,000 (over 79,000,000 Philippine pesos)!!!

Graft rap filed vs Mikey Arroyo

Last September 2009, a graft complaint against Pampanga Representative Juan Miguel "Mikey" Arroyo for failing to declare his P63.7-million property in California in his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN). Mikey Arroyo is a presidential son and a congressman. We can only imagine how Mikey Arroyo was able to acquire an expensive property in California USA. However, Iglesia Ni Cristo is a "religious" entity and I am not sure how they pay their taxes for all of the properties they own mostly in the Philippines and in some part of the globe.

Some years ago, a Philippine local publication reported that the Iglesia Ni Cristo head is a billionaire preacher (as shown in the picture above). Iglesia Ni Cristo cult owns quite a lot of businesses as reported by PCIJ - Philippine Center For Investigative Journalism.

IGLESIA NI CRISTO: A Most Powerful Union

Over the years, the INC's business interests have grown. A search at the Securities and Exchange Commission showed that INC leaders are incorporators and board directors in companies engaged in education (New Era University Inc.; Global Foundation for the New Era); medical care (New Era General Hospital; Felix Manalo Puericulture and Maternity Clinic), mass media (Scan Society of Communicators; Association of Christians in IT); manufacturing (Hi Mill Corporation); construction (Ramdustrial Corp.); and legal service (Christian Lawyers Association Foundation).

Most Filipinos live in poverty, they lack food. I think it is quite insensitive for Iglesia Ni Cristo "religious" group buying an expensive property while most Filipinos are suffering in poverty. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are attacking the Catholic church for paying millions of dollar to the rape victims of the Catholic priest. I think it is just ok to pay those victims for their much deserved compensation which the INC members cannot understand. What we cannot accept is the insensitivity of the INC cult buying expensive property in the USA while most of the Filipinos are worrying on how to put food on their plates in a daily basis here in the Philippines.

Iglesia ni Cristo buying a costly US property while Filipino people suffers in hunger is much worse when GMA and her allies ate fine dining in an expensive Le Cirque restaurant amounting to $20,000 in New York USA.

Thank You, New York Post: The Le Cirque Critique

While Filipinos are still recovering and rebuilding their homes destroyed by Ondoy(Ketsana) Typhoon, while Filipinos are struggling in putting food on their plate in a daily basis, Iglesia Ni Cristo is adding costly properties in overseas to add in their swelling church wealth. Overseas properties are investment. Sadly, Iglesia Ni Cristo shows no sign of stopping in investing money on properties all around the world. Poor Filipinos. Rich Iglesia Ni Cristo.


  1. So, ano namna nagyn kung nakakabili ng property and INC, para sa Dios naman ito eh, Huwag mo nga pangkunparahin ang utak tao mo sa Dios.

  2. Ay ate walang naiingit sa ginagawa niyo. Pwede ba wake up, si Ka Eddie ang may ari na ng INC at hindi ang Dios. Ala kayung conscience ano!

    1. ngek... di naman nakapangalan ang property ng Iglesia sa mga Manalo e, nakapangalan ang lahat ng ito sa iglesia kahit icheck nyo pa sa rehistro ng mga properties na nsa pangangalaga ng philippine goverment.. at sa Dios ang gawain na ito kya nga kahit hamak ng pasimula ay ngyon ay nsa uri ng maluwalhati dahil sa tulong at awa ng Ama... Proud To Be INC... Purihin ang Ama!

    2. Waaaa.,. Kaya hangang neun patuloy p rin keung nililinlang ng pamilya manalo dahil s katangahan nyo.,. Abuloy p more

  3. Spending of offerings in these endeavours is backed with biblical basis. I think you should check how expensive the Temple of Solomon was. It was a whopping 140 billion dollars (if converted to our time)! YES, in dollars! FYI, majority of the Israelites were poor yet they gave all that they could just to build the Temple of God!!

    so the cost is not really the issue here because we INC members give utmost importance to the commandent of God regarding the building of houses of worship (Haggai 1:8)

    Donna L: I think yung mga pari ang walang conscience dahil hindi man lng mapaayos ang mga nagsisiraang mga simbahan nila. Paano malulugod ang kinikilala nilang Diyos kung nakikita nyang nasa ganoong kalagayn ang simbahan? TSK TSK TSK... Nakakapagtaka lng talga 85% ng filipinos ay mga Catholic member pero hindi maipaayos ang Simbahan nila!! nasaan kaya napupunta ang PERA ng mga katoliko? samantalang ang INC ay malayong mas maliit sa catholic pero naaalagaan naming mabuti ang mga KAPILYA namin... kaya dyan palang kitang kita na kung saan ginagamit ang OFFERING naming mga INC!

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    2. Dahil ang pera ng catholic church ay hindi lng s isang tao napupunta.,. Maraming charities ta makabuluhang bagay na pinaglalaanan e2.,. Isa pa ang pag aalay s catholic church ay hindi sapilitan at walang katumbas n halaga, bagkos kisang loob.,.

  4. I admire your curiosity. and concern for Filipinos.

    *There are millions of Filipinos which are INC members all over the world (even in Europe)
    so don't be surprised if INC also have several houses of worship there.

    *Even the poorest member of INC will smile while reading you post while thinking in their head "you just don't know why we're doing this..."

    *I'm just wondering why you're blaming INC's success bout FILIPINO's suffering from hunger and poverty. not all Filipinos are INC members.
    (but hoping everyone to be part)You know that right?

    *INC is really concern for everyone that's why they keep on building houses of worship for their members' spiritual enrichment.

    *It's all because of UNITY. I think if every Filipino is part of INC you'll see the change that you want to see.

    and please before posting anything about INC please do more research or go to the nearest INC in your area so next time you'll know what to say about INC or read INC's Magazine..there you'll find lots of info and locale all over the world!

    God Luck to you!

  5. @donna... nakakaawa ka ineng... dahil di mo alam ang pinagsasabi mo... mabuti pa sumama ka sa amin ng maliwanagan ang puso at isip mo...

  6. Mga Kapatid, ano ba ang proseso ng INC sa pagbili ng isang property?

  7. Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Manalo family obviously DO NOT CARE for the poor and the needy one. INC loves to erect modern chapels, completely ignoring the Christian teachings of taking care of your fellowmen. That's how cruel the INC doctrine of exclusive salvation to INC members only.

    It is written in the Bible that the Almighty does not dwell in temples made by hands, and still INC continues to invest on properties. Woe unto Iglesia Ni Cristo. Woe unto Eduardo Manalo.

    Ang kamatayan ni Eraño Manalo ay sumpa sa Iglesia Ni Cristo

    I feel very sorry to all INC members.

    You have been fooled by the Manalo family by investing your money in expensive properties thinking you will be saved with these earthly things.

  8. Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos

    Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae? Magkapatid sa ama si Eraño Manalo at Jun Santos? Tiyuhin ni Eduardo Manalo si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos? Kung totoo ngang maraming ginalaw na babae si Felix Manalo, mali na agad ang pundasyon ng Iglesia Ni Cristo. Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo

    Si Iglesia Ni Cristo minister Rene Panoncillo ay napapabalitang anak din ni Felix Manalo at kung ang pagbabatayan ay mukha, para ngang kamukha ni Felix Manalo si Rene Panoncillo. Sana tigilan na ng mga Iglesia Ni Cristo ang paninira sa mga katoliko kasi mismong Iglesia Ni Cristo members at ang Manalo family ay may kasiraan din.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo History

    Alam naman ng lahat na si Felix Manalo ay galing din sa iba't-ibang religions. Nabautismuhan si Felix Manalo sa ibang religions pero hindi mismo sa sariling religion na itinatag niya. I doubt na sugo nga ng Dios si Felix Manalo. Totoo ba na si Iglesia Ni Cristo Auditor General Jun Santos ay isa ding anak ni Felix Manalo sa ibang babae?

    These are just simple deadly questions.
    The answers are more frightening.

  9. Isa akong Iglesia ni Cristo at ako'y nagpapasalamat sapagkat nakikita ng marami ang napupuntahan ng abuluyan namin. Ako'y nagbibigay na masaya at ipinapanalangin ko na makatulong sa ang aking abuloy sa pagpapalaganap ng mga salita ng AMA. Masaya akong nakakakita ng malalaki at naggagandahang Kapilya na magagamit sa pagsamba, at alam ko na ito'y nakakalugod sa AMA. Ako'y mahirap din ngunit nagpapasalamat parin dahil sa patuloy na biyayang binibigay NYA. Hindi ba sinabi sa Bible na itatangi nya ang kanyang bayan? Natatangi kami pagkat kami'y kanyang bayan.

  10. @ Ruel Tolentino: hindi po totoo yan, lumalabas lang ang mga ganyang paninira tuwing may bibilhing property o nag-eexpand ang Iglesia ni Cristo...alam mo na....crab mentality.
    "Sana malagpasan ng mga INC ang scandal about the Rosita Trillanes case"...matagal na pong tapos yan, bago pa makarating sa Amerika ang INC ay tapos na po yan, sa katunayan ay namatay na active na INC si ka Rosita.
    Magkamukah ba c ka Felix Manalo at Ka Rene? Paano yan eh kamukha ko idol kong si Dingdon Dantes...hehehe...ibig sabihin related kami,ay sana.
    Hindi po deadly ang mga questions nyo at hindi din frightening ang mga answers...feeling nyo lang po yan. Luma na po kasi yang mga issue na yan

  11. disraeli says: Persons who habitually spreads evil rumors is not a “defender” but a gossiper in faith whom Jesus hates. All of you realize that the devil feeds on division and hate. Rude humor is definitely not a character of a true Christian. The truth of the matter is; you cannot convince someone to listen to your side by means of bad mouthing or by degrading their self identity. That will only bring resentment and close their heart to the truth. Respect each others disagreements. Anyhow true knowledge is a gift from God and not by cleaver arguments. Give tolerance to the child who has not received the gift of knowledge from God. Only God can give light to those who are stubborn and lost. In fact, no matter how logical your arguments may be, it is only God who will give them grace and call them into the fold. May God have mercy on their soul and give them the inspiration to humbly study the words of the Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ. Share your faith with respect and humility, and then, you would have done your mission with dignity and in accordance to Gods will. Let God be their judge and not INC members. With prayer in Jesus name, encourage them instead to learn the truth by referring them to web sites like – ,,,,,. Of course if you are blessed enough to meet them face to face, invite them to your worship services and bible studies. For INC members just love your enemies and rejoice for your salvation is near. Let it be in God’s hands to do the miracles and touch the hearts of your acquaintances and loved ones. God bless and let peace reign in all of us.

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  13. My friends na opposed sa Iglesia Ni Cristo.. invite ko po kayo lahat sa Iglesia ni Cristo.. Makinig lang tayo sa Doctrines po.. you are always welcome po sa amin.. Para po maliwanagan at ma paliwanag po lahat ng mga paninira... kasi po.. dati ako din naniniwala sa paninira sa Iglesia ni Cristo po.. kaya po I opened my heart to them at hindi po ako nagsisisi na ako po ay Iglesia ni Cristo na po ngayon.. :) 100% po yan... talo pa ang safeguard kasi 99.9% lang sila..hehehehe cge po ingat.. txt nyo nalang po ako anytime (09072079655) at (09065634441) at para po maging kapatid na po tayo lahat.. we will give you peace sa lahat ng teachings ng ating Panginoong Hesu Cristo na galing sa kapangyarihan ng ating Panginoong Diyos.. :)
    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with everyone.. :)

    "People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are sick. Go and find out what is meant by the scripture that says: 'It is kindness that I want, not animal sacrifices.' I have not come to call respectable people, but outcasts."
    -MATTHEW 9:12-13

  14. Mga kapatid wag ho tayong mgpaapekto sa mga sinasabi nla.. ang Iglesia nagsimula sa wala nguni't DAHIL SA AWA TULONG NG AMA NASA KANINGNINGAN NA TAYO...
    matibay na patotoo na tunay ang iglesia..


    at ugnay dun sa bagyong ONDOY..
    Db po itO ay pagtuLong d lamang sa aming mga kapananampalataya bagkus maging sating mga kababayan?
    Kaya po kung galit kayo smen e wla na po kmeng magagawa..
    nkasulat po ito sa bibLia..

    magalak tau kung inaalimura tayo sa ngalan ng panginoong jesucristo..
    matibay na katunayan na tayo ang tinawag na tunay na mga hinirang nya :)
    Advance very happy 100th anniv sten:))


    1. Ok n sna kaso jejemon ka hehe :)

    2. Hoy gumising kayo ! pananampalatayang walang kabuluhan alam nyo ba ang biblia ay puro fable lang at hindi totoo ? Bakit ko nasabi kasi ipinalimbag ni Emperor Constantine ng Roma ginastusan nya ito para magkaisa ang mga probinsya ng roma gawa ng katoliko ito ngayon ginagamit nyo.Si Constantine nga e atheist at hindi sya naniniwala sa biblia. hanggang sa namatay sya diyos nya ay araw, palpak naman ang biblia sinabi binaha ang mundo namatay lahat ng lahi sa mundo at lahi lang ni noah nakaligtas pwe e bakit may negro at intsik filipino . Ay ito pa sinabi ng biblia na flat ang mundo e alam naman natin na bilog ito .Lahat ng founder ng relihiyon sinasabi na sila ang kinatuparan ng hula at nakausap ang diyos mga sinungaling.Ang totoo religion is a mental slavery antagal ko sa iglesia kaya puro salita at pray wala namang nangyayari ang totoo super rich na ang iglesya ang miyembro madami mahihirap. huling sugo daw si ka felix e bakit andami pa humalili sa kanya at tuloy tuloy pa hahahaha negosyo talaga sige brad basahin mo sa biblia kung ano ang kahalalan ni ka Eduardo wala naman e ....

    3. tol, tanga ka ba? san mo nabasa sa bible na flat ang mundo? basahin mo nga muna ang isa 40:22kjv bago magdaldal dyan. saka ang atheist sila ang mga taong walang dios. eh sabi mo si constantino may dios(araw) atheist ba siya? halatado kang tanga. Hahahaha

  15. tunay ang iglesia kya nga pagaanib k rito napakaraming hadlang ang mararanasan mo ayaw kasi ng devil n maligtas ka.. kaya na hadlang siya p pero try mo sa ibang religion walang hahadlang sayo... kuha mo

  16. The Corporation Code of the Philippines

    Sec. 87. Definition. - For the purposes of this Code, a non-stock corporation is one where no part of its income is distributable as dividends to its members, trustees, or officers, subject to the provisions of this Code on dissolution:

    Provided, THAT ANY PROFIT which a non-stock corporation may obtain as an incident to its operations shall, whenever necessary or proper, be used for the furtherance of the purpose or purposes for which the corporation was organized, subject to the provisions of this Title.

    The Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, Inc. is a NON-STOCK, NON-PROFIT, and non-political organization. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes.

    Beginning as the New Era Educational Institute (NEEI) in June 1975, the school offered secondary education in a building purchased by the Iglesia Ni Cristo in Quiapo, Manila. Twenty-three teachers and 466 students pioneered the school’s operation.

    On June 1977, NEEI was formally incorporated under Republic Act 1459 as a private non-stock, non- sectarian, non-profit educational institution aiming to develop academic excellence, professional responsibility, and social awareness founded on genuine Christian principles.

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    Self Sustainable Community Resettlement Project Sitio New Era, Bgy. Alang-alang, Leyte (

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