Sunday, March 21, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo may vote Manny Villar as President in Election 2010

Former Arroyo spokesman broker’s Villar-INC meeting

Possible reasons why Iglesia Ni Cristo would pick Manny Villar
  1. INC cannot pick Noynoy because of their bitter experience in Hacienda Luisita
  2. Manny Villar's poll rating is starting to catch up. INC cult cannot pick a candidate with low survey ratings(To ensure political favor).
  3. Noynoy is a devout catholic.
I think this is also a perfect time to think about what kind of criteria does the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership is using in picking the president that their whole church will be supporting. I'm assuming that Iglesia Ni Cristo members have no voice in picking candidates, it all depends on the Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders.

In 1986, Marcos vs Cory: Iglesia Ni Cristo opted to support Marcos, they did not supported the PEOPLE POWER of the Filipinos

In 1992, Iglesia Ni Cristo's choice Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco, ranked only 3rd place in the presidential election. A clear proof that the Iglesia Ni Cristo vote cannot actually win a candidate on a national level.

In 1998, Iglesia Ni Cristo picked a crowd favorite Joseph "ERAP" Estrada as the Philippine president. ERAP won with a landslide victory. Reviewing the number of vote lead of ERAP over Joe De Venecia, even INC should have not voted Erap, he will still win. The Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsed president (Erap) was later convicted for corruption charges.

In 2004, in a controversial presidential election, Iglesia Ni Cristo picked GMA over a crowd favorite actor Fernando Poe Jr. GMA narrowly won over FPJ but everyone was suspicious until the Hello Garci scandal broke up. GMA victory over FPJ is in seriously under the cloud of doubt even that Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsed GMA. GMA has been involved in different scandals which earned her as the worst Fake Philippine president we ever had.

Which makes us think, how does the Iglesia Ni Cristo choose the candidate they will support? By moral standard, educational achievements or just the win ability factor?

With the death of Erano Manalo last year, the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership was inherited to his son Eduardo Manalo.

The Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership is currently in serious situation. Eduardo Manalo is not Erano Manalo.
Thru Erano Manalo, his leadership was just in the shadows, watching and observing the Philippine politics until the violent EDSA 3 occurred during the violent EDSA3, Iglesia Ni Cristo members were seen in the front lines of the mob, 3 members died after the violent riot. under the leadership of Erano Manalo, Iglesia Ni Cristo members suffered terribly during the EDSA 3. While Erano Manalo can be directly and indirectly implicated in the violent EDSA 3, Eduardo Manalo was reportedly involved in the negotiations in pulling-out the Iglesia Ni Cristo pathetic stunt in EDSA 3 melee.

Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo may or may have not differences in leading the Iglesia Ni Cristo politically, it still remains to be seen if Iglesia Ni Cristo will again choose a businessman in 2010 Presidential election. In 1992, Erano Manalo supported businessman Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco. Iglesia Ni Cristo have bet on the wrong horse. In 2010, will Eduardo Manalo support a businessman/senator Manny Villar? Will Eduardo Manalo suffer the same defeat on betting on a wrong horse like what his father did in 1992? We can only wonder if Erdie manalo will follow the bandwagon of celebrities endorsing MV. Comedian Willy 'WOWOWEE' Revillame and Iglesia Ni Cristo supporting Manny Villar, let's just wait and see. Comedian Willy 'WOWOWEE' Revillame and Erdie Manalo as political endorser is a big joke. Don't let comedian Willy 'WOWOWEE' Revillame and Eduardo Manalo dictate who you are voting for this coming election. Watch GMA7 instead.


  1. o?! anu ka ngyn? cnong binoto nmin? c villar b? pahiya k noh?! tsk!

  2. Binoto ng Iglesia Ni Cristo ang sure winner na si Noynoy Aquino. Bagito pa kasi si Eduardo Manalo. Hindi pa kayang mapahiya ni Ka Eduardo. Pero kahit hindi iboto ng INC si Noynoy, panalo pa rin si Noynoy.

    Sinuportahan pa rin naman ng INC si Manny Villar as Senate President, kaya lang natalo, si Enrile ang nanalo. PAKIALAMERO talaga ang mga Iglesia Ni Cristo sa politika.

    Mahiya naman sana ang mga INC members. Pati yung impeachment ng Ombudsman, nakiki-alam pa din ang INC.

  3. saan mo nman nakuha iyong isipan na nakikialam ang iglesia ni cristo sa politika iglesia kb? andon kb? kami n boto kasi aral sa amin iyon ang kaligayahan namin ay hindi kung mananalo ba ang binoto kundi ang pakikiisa namin sa tagapamahala sana tigilan mo na iglesia wag kang magpagamit sa demonyo wala nman ginawa sayong mali ang iglesia o kahit mga kapatid dito... kahabagan k sa na ng dios na ating ama.