Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo Arlyn Dela Cruz is an INC member

I was really surprised when I have read Arlyn Dela Cruz' report that Iglesia Ni Cristo's total voter membership is at around 8 million [INC claim based on the 2007 national and local elections.]. As far as I know, Arlyn Dela Cruz is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member. Yes, I think she is the one who was kidnapped in Basilan some few years ago. Being an INC member, it is quite understandable that INC members like Arlyn Dela Cruz would use an OVERESTIMATED total number of INC voting members (8 million INC voters is the INC claim.)

The election poll she was referring to on the report she made on the death of their leader was the 2007 national election which followed the 2004 hotly-cheating-related presidential election of GMA versus the popular-crowd favorite actor Fernando Poe Jr. INC administration (then under by their leader Erano Manalo when he was still alive) choose to vote for GMA over FPJ. Does the highly questionable 8million INC vote also helped GMA won over FPJ last 2004? How about the Hello-Garci scandal where Gloria Macapagal Arroyo called an election officer checking if she can win by 1 million vote? INC's presidential pick is a cheater?

INC is known for it's bloc-voting. INC members are being dictated by their church leaders to whom should they vote. INC members will be expelled who are against bloc voting. If the INC claim is true that they have 8million vote last 2007 national election, then how can they explain that on 2004 national election, Gloria Arroyo has only 12million votes?

Please look at the following figures about the INC presidential picks and their total number of votes

1992 - Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr. (4 million votes)
1998 - Joseph Ejercito Estrada (10million votes)
2004 - Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (12 million votes)

and then 2007, suddenly, INC votes reached 8 million?

Look at what happened to our beloved Philippines when the INC cult picked a wrong candidate. Filipinos hated GMA, She is the Philippine President with lowest popularity ratings of all time but here is the INC Cult supporting her all the way in the presidential election.

If GMA is already confident with the 8million INC votes as reported by Arlyn Dela Cruz (claim by INC), why is there still a need for GMA to call an election officer during the height of the election counting process? Can you please answer that Ms. Arlyn Dela Cruz? Can you please ask this to your source that the INC claim has an 8million voting numbers?

I wonder where does the INC member Arlyn Dela Cruz got her report on the INC claim that they worth 8million votes last 2007 national election? Is there any official statement from INC that claims they have 8 million votes? Because on 1992 presidential election, INC supported Eduardo Danding Cojuangco but still failed to win the election. Danding finished only third in the final count, proving that INC cannot help win a presidential candidate. And, the staggering evidence that INC vote DOES NOT worth 8million votes last 2004 election is because Danding's vote count is only 4 million last 1992. Assuming that all 4 million votes that Danding got in 1992 are all from INC (which is very highly unlikely), how does INC achieved their substantial increase of 4million membership between 1992 and 2007?

Arlyn Dela Cruz, is she a credible reporter from Inquirer?

Yes, that would be the answer of her friends and peers from the media group. 8million INC votes is unfathomable. There are currently 90+ million Filipinos all over the world. If the 8million INC vote is true + an estimate of 1 million non-voting INC members, it can be summed up that 10% of Filipinos are INC members. Which is totally unbelievable.

Arlyn Dela Cruz is an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, a reporter, a "journalist" and a writer. Expect more INC related articles from her in the near future. (She wrote a number of reports circulating the death of their beloved Erano Manalo) and that's understandable, their leader died. It is her responsibility as a follower to blow the trumpet for her deceased master.

Iglesia Ni Cristo has an (over) estimated 8million voting number?
Do not believe everything you read in the newspaper.
Arlyn Dela Cruz is an INC member.
Please forgive her for failing to provide in her report the source of the INC claim that they have 8 million votes
Besides, it's just a report based on the INC claim.
INC cannot risk of releasing their "real" total number of members.
Politicians will not be impressed.
Please do not expect honesty from the political church of Iglesia ni Cristo.
We were not born yesterday.

Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is a well-known anti-Catholic group.
Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is a well-known anti-Protestant group.
INC bloggers has been attacking the Catholic Church on a daily basis.

The purpose of this blog is to question the source of Ms. Arlyn Dela Cruz' report about the INC claim that they have 8million votes from the 2007 Philippine National election.

Ms. Arlyn Dela Cruz, Journalism should be based on truth, not based on claims.
Specially the claims of Iglesia Ni Cristo.
Iglesia Ni Cristo 8 million voters?

Remind you, Filipinos are around 90 million.
It will imply that INC are around 10 percent of the Filipino population,
If the Iglesia Ni Cristo 8 million voters is really true.

Ms. Arlyn Dela Cruz, where art thou?

Iglesia Ni Cristo and their support to Marcos

Iglesia Ni Cristo and their support to Danding

Iglesia Ni Cristo and their support to Gloria Arroyo


  1. This is the most senseless, baseless, unresearched article I have read so far. Yes there may be 90M Filipinos, did you even bother to check how many of these are over 18? Ergo, eligible voters? Out of those aged over 18, did you check how many are registered voters? Then out of the registered voters, did you bother to check what the trend in voter's turnout is? Next, if the article she wrote is dated 2009 or 2010 or whatever, did you consider the fact that the number of INC voters from when Conjuangco ran in 1992 increased. I am under the impression that population increases faster and besides, there are other factors that increase religion member count other than birth. Ergo, it is not impossible that the 8M figure is a result of bloating membership in the church. Another point, When you compared the 8M voting power to the 12M votes GMA received, I do not see why this disproves the 8M voting power. Last time I checked 8M is still smaller than 12M, thus it is possible. You might claim then that 4M is such a small number to account for the supporters of GMA based on surveys. Think again, the population of INC voters and the GMA supporters are not mutually exclusive. Thus again, it is very possible that some of the INC members were already supporters even before the endorsement, and they were counted for both categories though they casted only one vote. Hope you got that. And lastly, I beg you to stop questioning the moral fiber of those religion who choose for their flock. Please accept that there are certain things you will never understand, either because you did not try, its not for you to grasp, or you are clearly deprived of intellectual capacity. We tend to mock that which we do not understand. I hope you try to educate yourself before time runs out. Ignorance is dangerous for your soul, but ignorance paired with arrogance--that's deadly dude. :)

  2. Those that God wishes to destroy, He first makes them mad...this blogger is a total nutcase. Are you a gay Catholic apologetic? or a gay ADD member? or a gay Protestant? Get a life. You're fooling your own skin. Coward and very sick.

  3. meisha & john,

    i will suppose you are both members of INC. i just want to ask why is it mandatory for the INC to do block voting? why aren't the members given the freedom to choose their own candidate?

  4. @ arika, why would you suppose that? i made the comment as impartial as i could. if you really want to grasp why, you should listen to the doctrine. just a brief sneak peak:

    "Sa katapustapusan, mga kapatid, paalam na. Mangagpakasakdal kayo; mangaaliw kayo; mangagkaisa kayo sa pagiisip; mangabuhay kayo sa kapayapaan: at ang Diyos ng pagibig at ng kapayapaan ay sasa inyo."

    2 Cor 13:11

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  6. @Meisha - I hope you are not defending the 8million voter count of Iglesia Ni Cristo because it can really not happen.

  7. The 8million votes did not come from the mouth of any of their ministers because they keep their numbers to themselves, so I guess 1million or 8million or even all the 90million is not an issue here because the number came from Arlyn Dela Cruz, so criticize her, not the iglesia. Also, the Garci may be true but still not proven, if the author is saying the truth, then he or she should show REAL evidence or better yet tell GMA and Garci to the face that they cheated, but I guess the author can't.

  8. Oh, sorry to add my voice here...
    I am just puzzled with the name Arlyn Dela Cruz which means ARLYN OF THE CROSS in English?

    INC don't believe in the CROSS, what a name... lol..

    that's my cheapest 1 cent...

  9. Ano ba ang problema ng sumulat nito? FYI, hindi po ito opisyal na populasyon ng INC. Konti man o madami man ang members ng INC, di po ipinagyayabang ito ng INC maliban na lang kung galing mismo ito sa bibig ng Executive Minister ng INC. Bakit ba naiinggit kayo ng sobra sa INC? Ni hindi nga pinag-uusapan sa pagsamba ng INC ang sumulat ng walang kwentang artikulong ito. At saka, bakit INC ang inuusig mo? Madami kayang nakatatag ng religion dito sa PILIPINAS. Pero salamat na din kasi nagkaroon ka ng oras para silipin ang INC. Pero sa maling pamamaraan nga lang. Ang populasyon po ng INC ay hindi mahalaga. Ang mahalaga po sa amin ay kabilang kami dito at ang mga aral sa loob ng INC. Kung gusto ninyo pong makuha ang tunay na bilang ng INC sa buong mundo, huwag na po kayong umasa dahil kahit kami na member ng INC ay hindi namin alam at para sa amin, madami man o konti ang bilang namin, hindi po ito mahalaga sa amin. Sana buksan neo po ang sarado at naka-lock neong isip!

  10. Iglesia Ni Cristo Baptism

    • Baptism in the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult marks the beginning of the spiritual misery anyone would suffer. Weird doctrines will be brainwashed on each and every Church gatherings. Church contributions will be used in purchasing properties and church businesses. Blind followers will be used during election periods.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Lingap sa Mamamayan

    • Hypocrisy. All the INC 'good works' will be displayed and broadcasted while deep inside, Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members will be going to heaven. ALL non-INC members will burn in hell. Catholics, Muslims and protestants will all burn in hell. The INC doctrine is cruel to judge everyone who are not members of their cult.

    Iglesia Ni Cristo New Era University expensive

    • INC members do not even enroll their children to New Era University. Most of them enroll their children to Catholic Schools. (Even though that INC really hates Catholics)

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Wedding or INC Weeding

    • Falling in love with an INC member can be a complete misery. You don't change religion because your fiancée ask you to do it. You don't change religion in exchange of love. Partners should respect each other's beliefs. Love and marriage should mean willing to accept other one's beliefs. You do not enforce some weird doctrines to your love one for them to believe in it.

  11. hindi,na ako bago dyan..kung sino man alam nyang mandaraya yung mga ministro na nagbabago ng ulat naturalmente.mamana yan din ng miembro nila tulad ni Dela cruz..self serving at trying to protect their vested interest.ganyan ka lupet si Manalo..Si manalo nmn talga dapat sisihin ng lahat ng ito eh..kasi di sa diyos yung tinuturo nya,Mga sinungaling!

  12. yang iglesia ni Manalo uhaw na uhaw sa karangalan at kaluwalhatian..tandaan natin iyan panlupa lang marahil kilala kau at mayaman..maimpluwensiya pero sa DIOS kayo'y kasuklamsuklam...yan ang kampanya nila na makilala sila sa buong mundo at maiharap kuno nila ang iglesia nila sa Dios sa araw ng paghuhukom este sa Huling araw ng Piesta..kasi si manalo pla Huling nagbasa si Parba na ministro nila sa pla si Manalo huling sugo sa Piyesta..hindi komo raw nabasa na huli eh ibig paghuhukom na,,kaya binasa nila si Manalo huling sa araw ng Piesta..yan mga manalista,,wala sa katangian ni manalo na maging sugo sa huling araw kasi siya'y huling sugo sa Piesta maliwanag ba yan? itanong mo sa mga ministro total di namn kau marunong maagtanong..hindi kau marunong kumain ng sarili nyo..lahat isinusubo sa inyo..kaya mga utak nyo nalason na ni manalo..kaawa awang mga manalista!

  13. Wow! I havent seen this figures yet.
    I guess these folks really did alot of time wasted just to bring us INC's down but sad to say we still stand firm in our BELIEF. I really pity you guys for wasting your 'precious' time.

    @mouth4war you forgot using credits or it just popped out in your hopeless brain.

    and @mhold29 you deserve to receive a round of applause. Was that what your preacher doing since you listened to his Wisdom?

    Where on earth came the "huling sugo sa piesta"?
    tell me, are you on drugs? lol

    this page is hillarious! really :)))))))))

  14. Bakit kaya natataranta ang mga manguusig sa 8 million na yan? Bakit balisang-balisa kayo? Iyan ay kahayagan ng matinding inggit nyo sa INC. Never kaming nagyabang tungkol sa bilang at hindi kailan man gagawin ng INC sa pamamagitan ng aming Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan magyabang dahil kamiy panatag na panatag sa aming kinatatayuan...Sorry nalang sa mga inggitero, hehehe hindi niyo kayang abutin ng naabot ng INC dahil tunay at totoo ang Diyos namin, hindi gaya ng diyos nyo na siya ring diyos ng sanlibutang ito!

    1. walang magagawa yang pagtatalo tingin niyo ba natutuwa si God sa astang ugali niyo?manahimik kayo hindi importante kung anuman ang relihiyon niyo ang importante iisa lang ang AMA natin..

  15. Mga INC Members or kahit sino pa wag kayo magalit sa nagsulat at gumawa ng nitong blog na ito at sa lahat ng umuusig sa INC, tandaan nyo ang mga unang tao ay di naniwala sa DIYOS at lalong lalo na kay CRISTO hinamak at inusig tulad ng ginagawa ng mga taong ito sa INC ngayon.... wag mangamba si Cristo na Cristo na inusig ang INC pa kaya na nasa ilalim ng pangalan nya? di na nakakapagtaka.......

  16. nakakapaghinayang lang mga kapatid..nagsisimba nga kayo pumupuri sa Diyos pero bakit kayo nagtatalo sa walang kadahilanan?yan ba ang turo saatin sa loob ng simbahan?hindi diba..dapat nagkakaisa tayo at nagmamahalan hindi yung nag aaway..walang namang mangyayari kung nagtatalo kayo..bkit nadadagdagan ba ginawa niyong kabutihan?hindi diba lalo lang kayong nagkakasala..hindi ako taga INC pero lam ko ang tamang daan para makagawa ng kabutihan..