Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo endorses Joseph ERAP Estrada

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a Cult.
Joseph ERAP Estrada is a convicted plunderer.

What is the tie that binds INC and ERAP? EDSA 3.

The report of the reputable PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism) about the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church at the Crossroads is quite revealing and damaging to the INC cult. The report is about how involved the INC was with the violent EDSA 3 and the INC' "closeness" to ERAP. As the report stated...

Estrada had been supported by the INC since his second run for mayor of San Juan town. Estrada, in turn, favored the Iglesia. He named two INC members, Serafin Cuevas and Artemio Tuquero, as justice secretary. Both are influential INC members.

Estrada also renewed lucrative contracts for an INC-linked company represented by Cuevas and a brother, a retired colonel. Since the Marcos period, the company, Amalgamated Management and Development Corp., has bagged the contract to produce driver's licenses, identification cards, and motor vehicle plates from the Land Transportation Office.

The contracts are up for renewal this year. The 2002 budget sets aside P57 million for the production of motor vehicle plates and P329 million for drivers' licenses. These are subsidies that rival contractors said should not be provided at all because motorists pay for their car plates and licenses anyway. In addition, Iglesia members have been appointed to the LTO by a succession of presidents.

In December 1998, Estrada fired Jackie Cruz as chairman of the National Telecommunications Commission, reportedly because Cruz had rejected INC's application for a UHF television bandwidth. Instead, another licensee was given an expanded frequency application. Cruz was replaced by Joseph Santiago, who described the circumstances surrounding his predecessor's ouster at a briefing at the American Chamber of Commerce in March 1999.

The INC didn't abandon Estrada after his fall. Even before he was arrested on April 25, 2001, the Iglesia called for house arrest for the deposed leader

Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is a regular player in Philippine politics. They are willing to support any candidate that their leaders choose. (Like their FAILED support to Danding Cojuangco in the 1992 presidential election) Under any circumstances, INC members will vote anyone whom their INC administration chooses or else they will face expulsion from their church. INC dictates their members to whom they are going to cast their vote.

Why NOT Noynoy Aquino?
Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot pick Noynoy Aquino. Iglesia Ni Cristo members had a bitter experience with Hacienda Luisita. Decades ago, Iglesia Ni Cristo farmers and family members were "forced-out" to leave Hacienda Luicita because of labor issues. (Please refer to this link) And Noynoy, like her mother Cory Aquino, is a devout Catholic follower. Noynoy will not be easily dictated unlike Gloria Arroyo. Have you heard any Iglesia Ni Cristo holiday declared under the Aquino administration? Have you heard any Government position appointed to an influential INC member? None. Because Cory Aquino was a just president. She was not easily manipulated by other "wicked" forces, like Iglesia Ni Cristo

Why NOT Manny Villar?
Iglesia Ni Cristo owns a lot of businesses. Manny Villar is a businessman. The last time when INC gave their political support to a presidentiable and a businessman was with Danding Cojuangco, they both lost. The myth that INC has "millions of voters" were actually put to shame. Iglesia Ni Cristo is currently in a political survival situation. INC's "beloved" Gloria Arroyo is set to leave the Malacanang palace and their political influence is in serious doubt. Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot fail in choosing a political loser. With their new executive minister Eduardo V. Manalo (which the leadership was inherited to him thru the Manalo Dynasty inside INC), the current INC leadership is a newbie. Eduardo Manalo is a kid compared to El Shaddai's Mike Velarde and Pastor Quiboloy. Iglesia Ni Cristo needs to be "loyal" to ERAP to also show respect on Erano Manalo's decision to support ERAP as president in 1998 presidential election.

Anyway, whoever INC chooses to support in a presidential election is doomed-to-fail, a kiss-of-death. 1992, Danding lost. 1998, ERAP was later be convicted as plunderer. 2004, Gloria Arroyo has the record-lowest-approval rating as a Philippine president: Filipinos despise Gloria Arroyo. That is how Iglesia Ni Cristo anoints their desired president, mindlessly picking out of the blue without even using any moral and political standard. Whatever the INC will do, HISTORY will spit the face of Iglesia Ni Cristo in contempt for damning the Philippine Politics and Religion.



  1. We don't care who will win the election. What's important to us is we have followed the commandments written in the Bible and we have chosen the lesser evil.

    PCIJ.REPUTABLE? How come when they can't prove their allegations.

  2. Ferdinand Marcos is lesser evil than Cory Aquino?

    @mr. wayne - Your an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, right? and you are saying and trying to discredit PCIJ? How about the INC member reporter Arlyn Dela Cruz, is she more credible than Malou Mangahas? How about Neal Cruz of Inquirer? Your double standard is pitiful. You are certainly biased towards Iglesia Ni cristo cult. Open your eyes and Feed your mind :)

    On the EDSA 3 article, you are trying to discredit the International press, now PCIJ? hahaha!

    Iglesia Ni Cristo Arlyn Dela Cruz is an INC member

    Driver’s license printer has no contract with LTO

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