Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Religious bloc-voting in the Philippines

El Shaddai's Mike Velade, Kingdom of Jesus Christ Pastor Apollo Quiboloy and INC minister Eduardo Manalo's decision on whom they are going to pick as the next Philippine president are being sought-after by politicians here in the Philippines. These 3 cult leaders are well known for giving an "alleged" substantial number of votes to the lucky politicians. Based on the recent report from businessmirror.com.ph, Quiboloy's followers are 6 million while INC's followers are only 3 million.

This is why I hate religious bloc-voting here in the Philippines. Politicians are falling on their knees in front of these "Church leaders" begging for their votes. It's a good thing that the Catholic Church here in Philippines does not dictates it's members to whom should they vote unlike Quiboloy and the Manalo family. In INC, members who are not following the INC' dictatorship in voting politicians would mean expulsion to their disobedient members.

Based on Survey results?
These cult leaders does not endorse politicians early in the campaign period. They often announced their "chosen" candidates few days before the Election Day. Some Filipinos speculate that these 3 cult leaders actually depend their decision on the survey results and not on the voices in their head that allegedly come from heaven. Quiboloy said that he is still waiting for the guidance of the Father before making any announcement about their chosen candidate..

Divine Intervention in picking candidates?
I seriously doubt that a divine intervention is involved in the decisions being made by Quiboloyo's Church and INC' Manalo family. For instance, INC presidential picks are really a disgraced in Philippine politics. I cannot imagine why INC picked Marcos over Cory Aquino and the People Power. INC picked tyranny over democracy? Why did INC picked Marcos over Cory Aquino? INC picked Danding over Fidel Ramos? INC picked ERAP Estrada, a convicted plunderer? INC picked GMA over FPJ? Does the decision of INC to pick GMA involve a divine intervention?

Money in exchange of support to politicians?
It's a taboo here in the Philippines that the INC church and Quiboloy's political endorsement may be given to politicians in exchange of money and power. There's a report in a newspaper that a "payoff" was given to INC in exchange of their support to GMA in the last 2004 Presidential election. I'm not sure if that is true or not. It's up to you to believe it or not, but knowing INC a voice in my head is telling me that INC is a wise church. They will not simply throw their support for nothing. Manalo family's Iglesia Ni Cristo will not survive without a political power. INC needs politics to remain standing now that their membership is falling down. The reason that INC chapels appear to be increasing is because INC church goers are decreasing, substantially. INC provides job to their loyal members, probably it's the reason why some INC members still remains to INC, for their job security. I mean who would even stay loyal to a church that refuse the deity of Jesus Christ.

Scary times for church and politics.
The last time that the INC cult was involved in a political protest rally was with the violent EDSA3 where INC members died in an ANTI-government rally. Church being involved in politics is dangerous. Many INC members have been hurt some died in EDSA 3. INC (along with El-Shaddai) was trying to oust Gloria Arroyo and tried to reinstate the convicted plunderer ERAP Estrada. Let's just hope that this kind of violent Church like INC will not again be involved in an ANTI-government protest. It so un-Christian. INC is a cult not a Christian religion.

Religious bloc-voting is blind obedience to Blind "religious" leaders?

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  1. maling mali to. never tumanggap ang inc nang pera sa mga kandidato!!