Saturday, April 24, 2010

Iglesia Ni Cristo endorses Noynoy Aquino for President

Does the yellow color of Noynoy Aquino will mix well with INC's 3 color? (Green, White and Red)

Noynoy Aquino is the consistent leader in any survey before the election. Why would INC ignore that? Naturally, INC will pick the one who will surely win. INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo is basically new to this kind of stuffs since he just took over the Manalo family business since Erano Manalo died last year(2009). As the new INC leader he should first establish his political status and go to the sure-winner. INC do not have the luxury to bet on a political loser like Manny Villar, Gilbert Teodoro and ERAP Estrada. Iglesia Ni Cristo previously endorsed ERAP Estrada as their president in the 1998 Philippine presidential election but INC dropped ERAP like a hot potato when Estrada was convicted of plunder.

You see how INC and politics are cruel? Today they are friends, tomorrow they will ignore you. Iglesia Ni Cristo now just relies on their political connection nowadays since their membership totally decreased. Empty INC chapels are everywhere because no new members are joining INC and their existing INC members are dragging their feet on Sundays worship services. We cannot find any "official" information about the true number of INC membership. It has been a secret thru all these years. Only speculations and claims have been circulating over the media.

Iglesia Ni Cristo needs politics to survive. They are even welcome in forgetting their bitter experience in Hacienda Luicita and now ready to embrace Noynoy as their political pet. After they have been in friends with Gloria Arroyo, they are now joining the voice of Filipinos in supporting Noynoy Aquino for a change. Iglesia Ni Cristo suffered a major setback when they supported Gloria Arroyo in the 2004 presidential election. Cheating has been widely associated with 2004 Philippine election, thanks to Mr. Garci.

Iglesia Ni Cristo turned their back to Cory Aquino and the People Power in the 1986 bloodless revolution. Iglesia Ni Cristo opted to support the tyranny of Ferdinand Marcos and ignored the cry of democracy. By embracing Noynoy Aquino in 2010 presidential election, Iglesia ni Cristo maybe rectifying the damning decision they have made in the Cory versus Marcos clash. Are we now seeing INC farmers marching back to Hacienda Luicita in exchange of the INC support for Noynoy? Time will only tell.

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Hacienda Luisita

Noynoy Aquino is a devout Catholic like his iconic mother Cory Aquino. And we are all aware how Iglesia Ni Cristo attacks/maligns Catholics and Protestants on their twitts and blogs. I'm not sure if Iglesia Ni Cristo will still enjoy the freedom in oppressing their enemies like what they did during the Arroyo administration. Separation of the State and church is really vague when Iglesia Ni Cristo is around. Iglesia Ni Cristo have even their own party-list, ALAGAD.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Holiday under the Noynoy Aquino administration? Let's hope not.
Erano Manalo's Death Anniversary Holiday under the Noynoy Aquino administration? Let's hope not.
New INC/Manalo streets, New INC/Manalo stamps under Noynoy Aquino administration? Curse you all.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political church. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult. They know how to pick their candidates, by picking the one who leads in surveys. Even I would not vote for a political loser. This year's election results are VERY CRUCIAL to Iglesia Ni Cristo's existence. It is very important to Iglesia Ni Cristo's survival. It is very dangerous to mess with Iglesia Ni Cristo in the political arena. Remember what happened in EDSA 3?

On 1992 presidential election, INC supported Danding but lost to Fidel Ramos. When INC's endorsement to ERAP Estrada in the 1998 presidential election won, the Iglesia Ni Cristo took the credit and boasted that it was the INC who helped Estrada to win the election. When a sudden change of President occurred during EDSA 2, (Gloria Arroyo took over Estrada), Iglesia Ni Cristo was defiant. Iglesia Ni Cristo members marched to EDSA and then to Malacanang palace to unseat President Gloria Arroyo. Iglesia Ni Cristo desecrated the spirit of EDSA and called their ANTI-GOVERNMENT protest as EDSA 3. The police and Philippine army faced the angry protesters. After the violent protest, INC members were injured and died.

The peaceful EDSA 1 revolution is synonymous to Cory Aquino
The violent EDSA 3 revolution is synonymous to Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Philippine politics and religion is such an ugly partner. Iglesia Ni Cristo desecrated the EDSA 1 legacy. I hope the INC will not do any anti-government protest again if ever Noynoy Aquino will not bow down to the any INC's request/pressure (if there's any). To Iglesia Ni Cristo: please remember that the Philippines is not owned by the Manalo family. Please don't force your beliefs and rudeness to the Filipino people. Please show us your proper manners and PLEASE STOP ATTACKING CATHOLICS and PROTESTANTS on you tweets and blogs. Filthy cult followers.


  1. They know whom to pick of course so that later won when the candidate won, they would credit it to their BLOC VOTING...

    I wish Villar wins!

  2. This is what we call extreme "INGGIT". We don't need politics to survive! Blame those stuffs that you can't do to your Pope and to your priests not to us.

    The writer is not even a credible one. No resources at all. Pure allegations. "INGITERO"! Hindi ba napili Manok mo kaya ka naninira na lang. Come on grow up! You'r such a childish one!

  3. sir, again, do you have proof that our membership decreased?.. please show proof..

    another thing, you ate your own words when you say INC won't pick Noynoy etc etc.. haha!! you're so funny..

    and to the catholic defender above, have you ever heard that once the INC support a candidate he will surely win?.. NO!! we don't claim anything like that..

  4. Iglesia Ni Cristo loves politics. Their survival depends on politicians. Without connections with crooked politicians, Iglesia Ni Cristo have fallen many years ago. INC is not a Christian group but a POLITICAL CULT. If Iglesia Ni Cristo membership is increasing, they should have boasted it. Where are the millions of INC members when Erano Manalo died? Only few hundreds were in Commonwealth Avenue. Most of the people in INC Anniversary are guests.

    It is very hard to believe that INC members are millions.

    By simple logic: Iglesia Ni Cristo sucks.

  5. Why don't we boast about our increased membership? Why should we boast? You guys do it for us hahah

    few hundreds in commonwealth ave? i was there and there were a lot more than a few hundreds. everyday for nearly a week both sides of commonwealth and central ave were closed! and i can imagine how much more members would have come if they could only afford getting off work let alone a ticket to travel to manila!

  6. samin mga Iglesia Ni Cristo walang saysay kung manalo o matalo ang tinutulungan naming kandidato ang samin dito ay pagkakaisa,kayo lang namn ang nagbibigay malisya eh.meron din namn iniindorso ang catholic at ibang protestant sect. ang problema di nila magawa ung kaisahan kya naiinggit nlang sila.

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